Peer Leadership Development

Cultivating Leadership from Within

Consistent with its mission of fostering self-sufficiency, Mesa Verde Gardens uses a Peer Leadership approach to foster each garden’s locally-led operation. We work to develop the natural leadership capacity of experienced gardeners who step forward to assume Peer Leader roles, and strive to provide them with the knowledge, skills, mentoring and coaching needed to assume leadership that ensures each garden’s smooth functioning. Peer Leaders receive 12-15 hours of initial training in deep listening, communication skills, self-reflection strategies and conflict resolution techniques. Thereafter, Peer Leaders have access to ongoing coaching and counsel from MVG's Trainer, Blanca Tavera, as well as focused educational opportunities on topics such as water and resource management in the gardens.

Peer Leadership development and the ethic of participatory governance it represents are part of MVG’s interest in building a locally-led, financially sustainable organization working to improve food security and health outcomes, especially for residents of the Pajaro Valley.