Our Team

Mesa Verde Gardens is a grassroots program with minimal staffing, run primarily by our own member families and Peer Leaders.

Peer Leaders

A team of one to three dedicated Peer Leaders—each a returning, experienced Mesa Verde Gardener—receive training in skills needed to manage day-to-day operations in the garden and keep things running smoothly. Through education, hands-on practice, group problem solving and ongoing coaching, these emerging leaders develop their natural empathy, and learn to encourage the strengths of their peers and lead through democratic decisionmaking and inclusion.

In 2014,10 gardeners stepped up to join our first Peer Leader Development training. In 2015, some of that cohort returned and were joined by several new Peer Leaders. This team now drives learning, participation and adherence to ground rules at their sites—a change which spreads responsibility and greatly increases internal garden sustainability and strength.

Peer Leader Demographics:

  • 80% are current/former farmworkers or their family members
  • 80% are Latino
  • 60% men; 40% women



Vicente Lara, MPH – Executive Director

Vicente joins Mesa Verde Gardens following several years of community organizing in Salinas and CA's Central Valley for the Environmental Justice Coalition for Water (EJCW). Vicente led EJCW's effort to build institutional capacity to advance the human right to water in Central Coast communities. He holds a Master's degree in Public Health from UCLA, with an emphasis on community-based health education and health metrics. Vicente is bilingual and lives with his wife and daughter in the Salinas Valley.

Candy Moreira, – Community Outreach Coordinator

Candy, Mesa Verde Gardens' (MVG) outreach coordinator, focuses on engaging our membership by implementing different outreach strategies. Candy is passionate about bringing access to organic fruits and vegetables to this community. She does this by registering gardeners for their garden plots and building community through workshops and events. She also coordinates MVG's newest program Tu Salud Verde bringing produce from Mesa Verde Community Farm to community members at an affordable price. Candy recently graduated from nursing school with a goal to work as a nurse in the community focused on preventative health through nutrition and an active lifestyle. 

Ana Rasmussen, MSW  –  Founder/Backyard Garden Coordinator

Ana has been a bilingual social worker in Santa Cruz County for 25 years, and has worked in the areas of community health education, child welfare, juvenile justice, and public school counseling. In 2008, her two sons recently grown, she was called to make a major mid-life career change when one of her son’s friends looked her directly in the eye and said, “This green movement—it’s the revolution of our time. No matter who you are, no matter what you do, there’s a place for you.”

She decided right there and then to quit her good job and commit herself to the cause of food justice. Over the next two years she apprenticed at City Slicker Farms and the Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems at UC Santa Cruz, listening and looking for how she could best make an impact in Santa Cruz County. When she learned of the 49% childhood obesity rate in south county, the path was clear: to merge her social work experience and new sustainable agriculture training to directly impact food security among low-income families.


Abel Herrera  –  Facilities Manager

Abel is a 4th year Community Garden member, a Peer Leader at Mi Jardin Verde, a skilled general handyman and possibly the humblest and kindest human being on the planet.













Blanca Tavera  –  Peer Leader Trainer and Coach (contracted annually)

Blanca is a bilingual/bicultural community organizer, facilitator and nonprofit professional who holds a Master of Social Work degree. She brings grounded experience and deep expertise in addressing systematic oppression and leadership skills development.