Our Approach

Mesa Verde Gardens (MVG) draws inspiration from asset-based community development, which emphasizes the talent and leadership potential in every citizen. Like the American Community Garden Association, we believe that cultivating community is as important as cultivating edible plants! MVG thus partners with public officials and public agencies, clergy and churches, and others to secure land on which interested community members with a desire to grow their own food but lack on which to do so may cultivate fruits, vegetables, legumes, herbs, and plants of their own choosing for their own consumption and use. Through its work, MVG aims to co-create safe, verdant, beautiful spaces in which community members can gather to work, learn, cultivate, celebrate, and otherwise enrich their own lives and enhance collective well-being.

MVG prides itself on being inclusive, diverse, democratic, and supportive of community involvement. Gardeners may be of any religious and cultural background, age, level of gardening experience, educational level, and income status. As a direct response to food insecurity and rising rates of diet-linked chronic health issues, we prioritize garden space for low- to moderate-income adult heads-of-households living within walking distance of the garden who lack space at their residence to grow food or are prohibited by residential rules from doing so, and those whose health conditions indicate gardening as an especially beneficial remedy.